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Bird guarding team contribute to wild birds protection in NE China's Jilin

Pan Shengyu, leader of Zhenlai bird guarding team of the China Wildlife Conservation Association, takes photos of migrant birds in Zhenlai County, Baicheng City, northeast China's Jilin Province, March 30, 2021. A group of people often walk slowly and talk in a low voice at the edge of the wetland in Zhenlai County when the weather warms up. Sometimes they pick up binoculars to look out, and sometimes they bow their heads to record the geographical coordinates on their mobile phones. They are members of Zhenlai bird guarding team of the China Wildlife Conservation Association. A few hundred meters away, there are tens of thousands of migratory birds from the south. Watching from a distance, the team members are concerned about whether there is enough food for birds and whether human activities are interfering with the birds. Zhenlai County, located in Songnen Plain, is one of the important passages for migratory birds in China. Among them, white cranes, an endangered species in the world, stop here for more than 100 days every year, with a population of nearly 4,000. The bird guarding team was established in 2018 and has done a lot of work on publicity, patrol, confiscation of illegal hunting tools to protect wild birds. Moreover, the team has rescued hundreds of injured and isolated birds. (Xinhua/Zhang Nan)

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