20 Facts About Improving the Electoral System in the HKSAR (III)

Video Series | 20 Facts About Improving the Electoral System in the HKSAR

EP03 What improvements have been made in the restructuring and empowerment of the Election Committee?

In this episode: Why has the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress made such specific stipulations for the new electoral system?

With the full authorization of the NPC, the Standing Committee of the NPC has the power to decide on the level of refinement in light of actual needs. The Standing Committee has endeavored to make the amendments as detailed as possible, spelling out specific provisions on major issues relevant to the improvement of the electoral system. Such an approach is not only a demonstration of the Standing Committee’s power and obligation, but also a reflection of the Central Authorities’ sense of genuine care and responsibility for Hong Kong. It will help make it easier for Hong Kong to proceed with local legislations.

The making of relatively specific provisions will help the SAR faithful implement its legislative intention when carrying out relevant local legislations, and complete the legislative work as soon as possible within a limited period of time, and ensure that the elections of the Election Committee, the Legislative Council, and the Chief Executive are completed within the next year. It will enhance the rigour of the system, avoid unnecessary disputes in its implementation, and prevent anti-China, destabilizing forces from exploiting institutional loopholes to interfere with the administration of the SAR.

Guangming Insights

In the past few years, it has been devastating to see Hong Kong trapped in the social unrest due to the loopholes in its electoral system. The country sincerely wishes Hong Kong for the best. Therefore, the improvements of the new electoral system are made particularly specific this time, in hope of completely plugging the loopholes and making Hong Kong start anew.

In out next episode: How are the opinions of Hong Kong residents reflected in the new electoral system?

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