Rich countries hog Covid-19 vaccines. Is there a solution?

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Rich countries hog Covid-19 vaccines. Is there a solution?


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Wealthy countries have hog­ged Covid-19 vaccines, providing a glaring illustration of how unfair the world can be. While 57 per cent of people in high-income countries had received at least one dose of vaccine by August 30, the figure in low-income countries was just 2 per cent, according to the United Nations. Health advocates wo­rry that the imbalance will be aggravated by plans in wealthy countries to provide booster shots to fully inoculated people to combat the super-contagious delta variant of the coronavirus. The uneven distribution — which many scientists say will likely prolong the global health crisis — has prompted proposals to expand production of Covid shots, re­allocate rich countries’ excess doses, and ensure vaccines are deployed more equitably in future pandemics, the news said by the Business Standard news site this week.


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